How To Boost Your YouTube Views

Technology has contributed a lot to our lives – convenience, entertainment, learning – and everyone benefits from its continuing development. One of the products of this technology is the existence of YouTube which is the world’s most popular video-sharing network in the world. Its popularity has led many to want to be a video content creator.

YouTube and its Views

When you speak about YouTube, views become a hot topic. For every YouTube video, YouTube views measure how successful the video marketing is. These views become an indication that the content is engaging or worth the time to be watched regardless of how short or long it is. This gives an idea to creators as to what kind of content to do next or to focus on.

How to Get More Views?

YouTube views can be counted when a user initiate playing the video from their device and stays watching it for at least 30 seconds. It’s pretty simple and this might be now a life hack for content creators.

Here are some ideas on how you can get more views with your YouTube content.

  • Eye-catching titles. The first thing that catches the viewer’s attention is how engaging your title is. They need to be curious enough for them to click your video.
  • Use the correct keyword. Given the fact that YouTube is one of the largest search engines, putting the correct keyword will give you an edge in having your videos on top of the search list.
  • Target audience. Get to know your audience and what content they would love to see from you. Start with a simple one then gauge how well it is accepted, then plan from there.
  • Don’t ignore the community. Engaging with your audience builds a connection and it becomes social. As social as it gets, they will be anticipating every content you’ll upload which is a sure view for you.
  • Effective Thumbnails. As the first thing they’ll notice, a thumbnail is one of the factors for a video to be viewed. Customize your thumbnails to make them more appealing.
  • Make use of Social Media. One good use of social media is for advertisement and it won’t hurt you to give it a try. Promote your YouTube content to different platforms as a promotional tactic. It’s even free and faster.

The best way to boost your views is to know what you and your audience want. Don’t try too hard in making content out of the ordinary just to gain views. Promoting is easy nowadays so thus getting views. Just plan where you want to land after your first few uploads and you are good to go.